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We, at JEEVAN JYOTI HOTEL, SARAHAN, welcome you to our beautiful world of comfortable stays for your unforgettable travel journeys. We assure to serve you with the finest hospitality and comfort while making your stays more enjoyable and worth remembering.

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste


Bhimakali Temple is an ancient historic temple dedicated to Goddess Bhimakali, a reincarnation of Goddess Durga, situated in the laps of the mountains of the former Bushahr Kingdom. It happens to be the presiding deity of the rulers of Bushahr Dynasty. It is known for its Indo- Tibetan style of Architecture and some folktales related to Puranic period or Puranic Yuga.


Shanti Kunj is a beautiful traditional Palace of the royal family of the former Bushahr Kingdom. It was built by the late Bushahr King Raja Padma Singh in 1917. It is a wooden structure beautifully carved and having local jaali work on it. Though it serves as a residence for the royal family when in town but a few parts of its premises are open for visit.


It homes the state bird of Himachal Preadesh i.e. Western Tragopan, locally known as Jujurana, which comes under the endangered species presently. It includes a number of aviaries for different pheasants inhabiting in here. Also, it is the only Conservation Breeding Centre of Western Tragopan in North India.


Bashal Peak is located in the heights of the town Sarahan Bushahr giving a captivating view of the snow- capped majestic Himalayas and the mesmerizing green grasslands and meadows that would hold you up there for hours. It displays the beautiful colours of the nature at its best.


One of the most unique and unusual temple of India, dedicated to Goddess Durga ( Sharaikoti), resides on the hill top. It is the only temple in the country where husband and wife are not allowed to offer prayers together based on the old folktale and belief related to the Lord Shiva’s family. It is believed that any couple who will visit this temple are more likely to get cursed and their marriage will be affected by getting separated in future. The temple complex holds the amazing panoramic view to the mountains around that one wants to behold forever.

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